BASG Executive Minutes 12/10/2020



Date & Time: 12 October 2020 at 18.00 hours


Location: Virtual meeting through Zoom







Paul Randall (Chair), Anne Sheddick (Vice Chair), Maggi Bull,

Joanne Marchant, Gwyneth Langley, Bernadette Allison (Secretary)



Jo Pearce, Peter Learner – received and accepted



Agenda Subject






Apologies for absence



Jo Pearce

Peter Learner




Notification of any other business



Accounts – PR




Declaration of interest



Maggi Bull – Chair of NGA

Gwyneth Langley – BEP




Approval of minutes from the meeting held on 14.09.2020



Matters arising


AS informed the group, that she and her HT had continued to follow up with PGL regarding monies paid for a service which did not take place because of the COVID situation.

Their further communication with PGL, highlighted that non reimbursement of this money would have a negative impact on the school and the disadvantaged.

AS advised schools to follow up directly with PGL if they are in similar positions and they seek a positive outcome for their school.

Schools are welcome to make contact with her directly at

if they wish to discuss it further.


Minutes approved.
























New members to join BASG Executive Committee – PR intends to send out a communication asking interested governors to make contact with him to discuss further.












BEP update


GL on behalf of BEP, thanked PR for his attendance and involvement at the most recent BEP Chairs’ Conference which was held for those who have training membership. Very positive feedback had been received regarding the content of the BEP Conference.


GL fed back concerns/queries being raised by governors across Buckinghamshire. This ensures that, as appropriate, this can be fed back through the Consultative Board and its members to ensure a greater understanding of concerns across BUCKS.


Issues raised included:

·         Meeting arrangements during the pandemic

·         HTPM process

·         Dealing with Complaints during lockdown

·         Child Protection Policy – whether this is going to be reviewed by BC so a model policy is available for schools to use and adapt for their individual schools. It was felt this would be very supportive for schools.

·         Mental health issues with parents/pupils – mechanisms in place in schools


The group was reminded that there is a BEP Chair’s briefing (for all Chairs with or without training membership) on 13.11.2020 from 9.30-11.30

PR will add this information to BASG website.























PR-to follow up
















Discussion took place regarding Leadership and wellbeing in schools in the present situation.

The legal requirement for schools to have a Home Learning Plan in place adds to the pressure on schools.

PR will follow up regarding where we are with input from Bucks on this important area.


PR informed the group that Headteachers and Chairs of Governors are invited to attend a half day conference on

Closing the Gap in Buckinghamshire’ – Focus – addressing the needs of vulnerable groups

Friday Nov 6th 2020 1:30 – 4:00 pm

(link on SchoolsWeb)

It is an opportunity to hear colleagues and a keynote speaker address the issue of this important area in Buckinghamshire.













Networking groups


Aylesbury networking group met in a virtual meeting on 30.09.2020.

The meeting was well attended with some new attendees joining the group.


Issues discussed included:

·         GDPR

·         Governor meetings

·         Return to school

·         Grouping of pupils

·         On-line learning

·         School costs/income in the present COVID situation


Dates for the next Aylesbury meeting are being explored so as to avoid clashes with other BC/BASG events, if possible.


Jordans networking group – next virtual meeting is planned for Saturday 7th November, 2020.


No news on Chesham or Wendover Networking groups.













BASG events


BASG AGM – 14.01.2021 with Keynote speaker Emma Knights OBE (Chief Executive NGA)


In addition:


BASG Spotlight on Disadvantage with Sam Henson (Director of Policy and Information NGA) on either 30.11.2020 or 01.12.2020 tbc by PR.















Communication with BC


PR fed back to the group that the BC training programme which is being carried out this term has been very well received.


PR continues to keep in regular contact with BC which continues to facilitate a positive and growing trust across the authority for the role of governors.










Consultative Board


PL is now the Chair of the Consultative Board.

MB will continue within the group. PR (seconded by AS) wished to thank MB for her tireless work and her professional drive as Chair. She has been instrumental in the positive foundations and steps she has achieved for governors across the county within this group.


The next Consultative Board meeting will be held on 9th December, 2020.


12 AOB PR informed the group he will pursue signatory authority for BASG so outstanding invoices may be paid.






Date and venue of next meeting


It was recommended that all meetings continue in the Autumn Term 2020 in a virtual format.


The next meeting of the BASG Executive group will be on Monday 9.11.2020 at 18.00


Meeting closed at 19.10