Minutes AGM – 27th November 2019

Meeting: BASG AGM


Date & Time: 27 November 2019 at 19.00


Location: St Michael’s Catholic School, School Way, Daws Hill, HP11 1PW








Executive Committee

Paul Randall (Chair), Anne Sheddick (Vice Chair), Jo Pearce (Treasurer),

Maggi Bull, Joanne Marchant, Peter Lerner, Gwyneth Langley, Tomas Pukalski Bernadette Allison (Secretary)





Agenda Subject











Chair (PR) welcomed everyone





Minutes of the AGM held on 14.11.18


Minutes of our AGM held on the 14.11.18 – have been seen by our Executive Committee who are happy to approve. They will also be posted on the new web site.


Minutes approved.





Matters arising







Adoption of the accounts for the year ending 31 August 2019



Adoption of the accounts for the year ending 31 August 2019


•       Balance stands at £4,688.25.

•       Our accounts are due to be audited.

•       No movements in the last year as we have absorbed all costs.

•       Currently membership of BASG is free and all schools are members so we have no income.

•       Income – we will need to consider this next year to fund our web site and hopefully hold a termly event. Consideration might be given to a small charge for the events or a sponsor.












Report of BASG activities in 2018/19



Report of BASG activities in 2018/19 – some of the main ones are:


•       Meeting with BCC in March 2019

•       Meetings with Gareth Drawmer BCC Head of Achievement & Learning

•       Reviewing our purpose

•       Creating a new website

•       Highlighting training needs for Governors to BCC

•       Highlighting need for improved communication with Governing Boards with BCC

•       BASG representatives on the School Governors Consultative Board- attended by Senior LA officers and elected Members

•       BASG representing views of governors through network groups and web site (web membership group here tonight)



























Constitution amendments


Constitution amendments –


•       Executive Committee updated constitution on the 15 October 2019

•       Approved copy is on our new website.

•       Thank you Peter Lerner for working on this document.















Website development –


•       Tomas Pukalski joined our committee and with his help we are now launching the new website and a Facebook page.

•       Website will signpost resources, training and local information for governors

•       Website and Facebook page will enable networking

•       Please sign up for BASG newsletter to receive information




Thank you to Tomas for his commitment to BASG and his hard work in bringing this all together.














Election of Officers


Election of Officers – the following have highlighted their willingness to stand again


Chair – Paul Randall – proposed and seconded

Vice Chair – Anne Sheddick – proposed and seconded

Treasurer – Jo Pearce – proposed and seconded

Secretary – Bernadette Allison – proposed and seconded


The Executive Committee are also willing to stand again:


Maggi Bull

Peter Lerner

Joanne Marchant

Tomas Pukalski

Gwyneth Langley


We have vacancies for 3 more committee members whom we can co-opt following this meeting.


If anybody would like to join us, please contact Paul Randall.











Open members discussion


Open Members discussion – no questions.










No other business


BASG is the local voice for governing boards and can only act on information that is provided to us.


Please engage with us via web site, or using PR contact details.


Contact details are:





AGM meeting closed at 19.15.


PR welcomed guest speaker Mick Waters, who presented on ‘The Governors’ role in curriculum effectiveness -Balance in all respects’.









PR thanked all those who attended the evening.


Thanks were also expressed to the guest speaker, Mick Waters, for his engaging presentation.


Thanks also to St Michael’s School for hosting the evening.


The event finished at 21.40pm