DfE Educational Status Form

Sent to all HTs


Dear Colleagues,

As I am sure you are aware, the DfE has updated their educational status form and it is now live, it can be found here. At the local authority we receive the data from the form on a daily basis and this helps us to plan our support effectively. It is crucial for us that there is a full response from schools so that we can better understand the situation in schools across the county. We use this information to:

  • Plan support for all schools such as the start of our ‘lockdown huddles’ which begin this week
  • Identify schools that may need personalised support so that we can contact them
  • Note trends and issues that we can articulate back to the DfE in our regular meetings

We cannot do this without schools filling in the return, so we would support the DfE in requesting that you work to complete the form each day by 2pm. This removes the need to fill in the return that we have asked you to complete. You only need to fill in one return each day.

On a point of clarification, during the Director’s briefing on Thursday evening we were asked if the DfE devices scheme would be available to pupils in Key Stage 1. We have sought further information from the DfE on Friday and they have confirmed that the scheme starts at Year 3 and they have no current plans to extend this.  We have requested that this position be reconsidered.

I hope that you and your staff found an opportunity to rest this weekend, as always we will be bringing further information out as it develops.

Warm regards,



Gareth Drawmer

Head of Service

Achievement & Learning