SMST Analysis 2021


Dear Colleagues,

SMST Analysis 2021

Schools may already be aware of the National Consortium of Examination Results (NCER), which includes all LAs in England.  We have worked with NCER for a number of years to enable us to share “emerging national results” in July for primary assessments and in August for GCSEs.

Through NCER we can collect 2021 assessment data from schools on a non-statutory and voluntary basis.  We offered a similar service for 2020 assessments which was welcomed by schools, so we intend to do the same for 2021.  We believe that schools may appreciate some analysis of pupil outcomes to support their own understanding of current attainment and progress within their school.

It is important to note that, in line with current DfE guidance, collection and analysis of 2021 data would be for the purpose of supporting schools in their self-evaluation, and it would not be used for accountability purposes.  We also know that the information we will be able to collect will be limited, and will therefore mean that some of our usual analysis is either not possible or not appropriate.

Please see the attached document for more information on what would be collected, what data and analysis the team would provide and the impact on annual buyback costs.

SMST Analysis Update March 2021

2021 assessments remain non-statutory, and participation in the collection and analysis will be voluntary.


Kind regards

The Schools Management Support Team