Unredeemed Helping Hand Winter Grant vouchers


Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your support for the Helping Hand Winter Grant scheme and for the efficient way that schools across the county enabled us to send vouchers to eligible pupils and their families quickly and effectively over the last week of term. Your work really supported a significant number of families who were struggling over Christmas.

Working with the voucher provider we can see that not all voucher codes have been redeemed by families ready for use in a supermarket.  We want to make sure that as many families as possible benefit from the vouchers provided, and are asking you to support with this.  We have sent you a spreadsheet in AnyComms Plus which shows all the vouchers issued through your school which, according to our records, haven’t been activated.

We know that this is an exceptionally busy time, but we would be grateful if you could download the file from AnyComms, make contact with the families who have not yet got their supermarket voucher and provide them with a second copy of the letter containing the voucher code as a reminder for them to redeem it.  All of the letters are still available on AnyComms Plus – please look under the Previously Downloaded tab in the Download section.  Within the letter, there are details of what to do if the parent or carer is experiencing problems redeeming the voucher. As a reminder for you, please ask them to complete the online contact form at www.select-your-reward.co.uk/ContactUs. They can also call the voucher customer service team on 0344 693 9901, open 8am – 8pm Monday to Saturday and 9am – 6pm on Sunday.

Alternatively if parents/carers aren’t able to activate the code themselves because they can’t get online, then you can activate the voucher for them by going to www.buckinghamshirecouncil.select-your-reward.co.uk and entering the voucher code.  You will be able to select the supermarket option preferred by the family and provide a paper copy of the voucher which they can use in store.

We recognise that this is an extra piece of work at a time when resources are already stretched, and we apologise for that, however we are very keen to ensure that as much of the Winter Grant fund as possible reaches the people that it was intended for.

Thank you once again for your support,

Gareth Drawmer

Head of Achievement and Learning