BASG AGM Meeting Minutes 14th January 2021

Meeting: BASG AGM


Date & Time: 14.1.2021 at 17.00


Location: Virtually via Teams







Executive Committee

Paul Randall (Chair), Anne Sheddick (Vice Chair), Jo Pearce (Treasurer),

Maggi Bull, Joanne Marchant, Peter Lerner, Gwyneth Langley, Bernadette Allison (Secretary)





Agenda Subject











Chair (PR) welcomed everyone, with over seventy attendees virtually through Teams






Minutes of the AGM held on 27.11.2019


Minutes of our AGM held on the 27.11.2019 – have been seen by our Executive Committee who are happy to approve.

They will also be posted on the web site.


Minutes approved.




Matters arising







Adoption of the accounts for the year ending 31 August 2020



Adoption of the accounts for the year ending 31 August 2020


•      Balance stands at £3506.59

•      Currently membership of BASG is free and all schools are members so we have no further income.

•      At present we have a balance in the accounts for the current year.











Report of BASG activities in 2019/2020



Report of BASG activities in 2019/20 – some of the main ones are:


•      Meetings with BC continue in order to best serve governance across the authority.

•      The LA has most recently ensured that communication emails and updates linked to the Leadership & Management of schools is also sent to Chairs for their information. This is very helpful and removes the additional responsibility for headteachers to have to communicate this to Chairs.

•      Thank you to the LA for maintaining the link with NGA through membership for schools within the authority. This has ensured that governors have immediate access to this professional organization for guidance through the NGA. It also provides the most valuable Learning Link. This platform  enables all members to access online up to date training for the roles and responsibilities of governors.

•      BASG new website was launched during 2020.

A special thank you to Tomas Pukalski who made this possible and hosts the site for BASG – Framework Digital – Google Partner & CRM in Aylesbury.

•      BASG are also thankful to PR’s daughter (AR) who through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award youth achievement scheme, keeps the site updated and linked to social media and Twitter.

•      The highlighting training needs for Governors to BC has resulted in  virtual training meetings taking place for governors. These sessions have been very well attended. BASG welcomes these continuing.

•      BASG representatives continue on the School Governors Consultative Board

which is attended by Senior LA officers and elected Members

•      Representatives from BASG also attend Side by Side meetings

•      BASG represent views of governors through network groups, which is anticipated will continue and further blossom through the present year

•      It is hoped Mentoring will move forward for new Chairs with robust, effective and passionate governance throughout Buckinghamshire.




























Election of Officers


Election of Officers – the following have highlighted their willingness to stand again


Chair – Paul Randall – proposed and seconded

Vice Chair – Anne Sheddick – proposed and seconded

Treasurer – Jo Pearce – proposed and seconded

Secretary – Gwyneth Langley – proposed and seconded


The Executive Committee are also willing to stand again:


Maggi Bull

Peter Lerner

Joanne Marchant

Tomas Pukalski

Gwyneth Langley

Bernadette Allison


We have two further nominations to join the Executive Committee:


Martin Baxter – proposed and seconded

Andrew Brown – proposed and seconded


We have a vacancy for 1 more committee member.

If anybody would like to join BASG Executive Committee, please contact Paul Randall.











Open members discussion


Open Members discussion – no questions.








No other business


BASG is the local voice for governing boards and can only act on information that is provided to us.

Please engage with us via web site, or using PR contact details.


Contact details are:



AGM meeting closed at 17.20.


PR welcomed guest speaker Emma Knights OBE, Executive Director NGA who presented on ‘The Governors’ role.






  Keynote Speaker Emma Knights


Emma begun by explaining the role of the NGA.

She thanked schools and the BASG for what is being done for pupils and communities, especially during COVID times.

NGA aims to be our voice with the DfE and other national agencies.


She discussed the top six priorities which  governors have identified during lockdown as:


Ø  Balancing the budget 40%

Ø  Staff wellbeing including workload 36%

Ø  Ensuring a broad and balanced curriculum 28%

Ø  Improving attainment 28%

Ø  Pupil wellbeing 28%

Ø  Support for pupils with SEND 22%


Emma shared with us what she saw as positive legacy from COVID

Ø  Some new ways of governing will be retained in part: improving attendance & efficiency

Ø  The central importance of schools to their community

Ø  Better collaboration across the localities, including with other agencies

Ø  Is there evidence of formal groups of schools (MAT or federation) providing support, especially for smaller schools



However, there are concerns, especially:

Ø  Recruitment & retention of school leaders

Ø  Disadvantaged gap


Her thoughts for the future:

Ø  Stronger relationships with parents

Ø  Renewed emphasis on different groups of children

Ø  Curriculum to remain central stage

Ø  School improvement via CPD

Ø  More diverse board

Ø  More sharing of tasks and responsibility


Emma talked about creating a strategy to turn vision into reality by taking control of your own destiny. Good governance is ethical, effective and accountable.

She also spoke about the Visible Governance Campaign which promotes the value that good governance brings to the school system and the Outstanding Governance Awards 2021.


In part, the future of schools is in the hands of governors.

Emma also made us aware that not all authorities have such a group as BASG. She thanked the BASG for the invitation.


Emma then answered a variety of questions covering:

•      Recruitment

•      Funding

•      Diversity of Boards

•      Localism

•      Safeguarding

•      Academisation

•      Remote Education

•      Service Providers





PR thanked Emma for her thought provoking presentation and for giving of her time to attend the meeting.

PR also thanked the attendees for joining the meeting and asked for them to engage with us through the links on the BASG website.


The event finished at 18.33pm