Minutes – 10th December 2019



Date & Time: 10 December 2019 at 19.00 – 21.00 hours


Location: Heritage House School, Chesham, Bucks HP5 3BP







Paul Randall (Chair), Anne Sheddick (Vice Chair), Joanne Marchant,  Peter Lerner, Gwyneth Langley, Bernadette Allison (Secretary)



Jo Pearce (Treasurer), Maggi Bull,

Tomas Pukalski (called in for Agenda item 5)



Agenda Subject







Apologies for absence



As above




Notification of any other business


  • AGM minutes


  • Finances


  • Communications through the website





Declaration of interest



None related to the agenda




Approval of minutes from the meeting held on 4 November 2019



Minutes approved.











TP was unable to attend the meeting in person and asked to be called in for this agenda item.


AS called TP and the whole group was able to enter discussion using speaker phone.




AS needs to provide her personal profile so it can be included on the website.


Discussion took place around the the email addresses of the attendees at the AGM.


AS will send upload addresses to TP. An email will then be sent from mailchimp giving individuals the option to unsubscribe to communications from BASG.


JM will send an email to Chairs/Clerks to invite them to sign up to BASG newsletter and to draw their attention to the BASG website, Facebook and Twitter.


The importance of a regular newsletter from BASG was highlighted. Chairs could then encourage their fellow governors to access BASG news through the various mediums.


TP will also look at the Privacy notice on BASG website.


TP told the group that he would send the various passwords to the Executive Committee to be stored securely and confidentially.


19.40 GL joined the meeting following on from another meeting.


The group thanked TP for all the work he is doing to keep the website updated and for his suggestions on increasing BASG profile.


19.45 – Phone link with TP finished.










































The feeling of the group was that the AGM had gone well.

The speaker, Mick Waters, was very well received and engaged the audience for over two hours.

Our thanks have been extended to him by PR.


JM will send an email to Chairs/Clerks and Headteachers with a precis of the evening. An evaluation sheet will also be reviewed for future events.


It was felt that it would be prudent to start considering a speaker and venue for the next BASG event in spring 2020.


GL will be able to share some possible venues with PR.

25.3.20 is being considered as a possible date but the speaker and venue needs to be secured first.

Subject matter is still to be decided but possible subjects could be SEND, Disadvantaged Pupils or Ethical Leadership.


AS outlined that the task of sending the slide presentation to attendees.

MW has asked that his slide presentation is only forwarded to those who attended the evening so as to avoid misinterpretation. Also, he has asked that it is not placed on websites.


The group decided that each Executive member would assist in forwarding MW’s slide presentation to attendees.

BA will send the wording of the email to accompany the slides so the wording and message is consistent.


BASG group are aware that JM will be moving to another role within BCC as off the end of this term.

The group would like to extend their thanks for the significant role she has covered as Side by Side Development Officer, Children’s Services.

Her point of contact for governors and her understanding of governorship has been a great support and point of contact.

We hope JM will be able to continue within BASG Executive group.






































Executive group







Spring Term focus


BASG will focus on providing another high profile speaker to present on matters relevant to governorship.


Communication with BCC will be followed up with re-addressing pending items so as governors we can provide the best possible for the pupils in our schools.












Side by Side


A Side by Side Reference group meeting had taken place.


It is important to recognise and communicate some analysis of IMPACT and how this is communicated.












Consultative Board


PL will be joining the next Consultative meeting which is due to take place on 11.12.19.


The group are aware there are still points to follow up from the previous meeting and minutes.

The group is there to represent governors across Buckinghamshire and will continue to ask questions.













AGM minutes are now on the website


PR will prepare a presentation for Executive meetings on 7th and 9th January 2020


Confirmed that accounts do not need to be audited


We still need to:

  • pay St Michael’s for the use of their school for BASG AGM and for catering  refreshments
  • reimburse AS for providing gift for speaker
  • payment for providing domain for website












PR will follow up





Date and venue of next meeting


Next meeting 21.1.20 – venue to be confirmed


Meeting finished at 21.00


Thank you to Heritage House for providing the venue and to PR for organising.