DfE funded training now available

Deliver the best learning outcomes within your budget with free ICFP webinars

As a school governor, it’s your responsibility to lead the strategic direction of your school. Doing this effectively requires a competent understanding of what you can spend and how best to allocate the resources available to you, so that your pupils can thrive.

Entrust will once again be delivering a series of Department for Education (DfE) funded webinars to help you achieve this goal. The sessions are free and cover a variety of integrated curriculum and financial planning (ICFP) topics, whether you need a handy refresher or are new to your role.

We offer the following webinars:

•    ICFP metrics
​​​​​A practical working session that looks at the key benchmarking metrics and what they mean for your school.

•    ICFP tools 
This webinar covers the ICFP tools available for free on the DfE’s website, and how they can be used in your school setting.

•    Estates management 
New this year, this session explores the key areas of the DfE’s ‘Good Estate Management for Schools’ guide, including compliance, safeguarding, condition, suitability and sufficiency.

•    Procurement 
We’ll take you through a practical case study to explore the DfE’s procurement framework and the tools that can be used to support the procurement process.

•    Joint working 
This webinar will help your school business professionals to work collaboratively together and build key relationships within the senior leadership team to achieve strategic goals and objectives.

•    Benchmarking 
An introduction to benchmarking, its many benefits and where it’s been used successfully, using the DfE’s ‘Schools Financial Benchmarking Service’ and ‘View My Financial Insights’ tools.

For more details, or to book your spot, please visit: