Jordans meeting Saturday 6th February, 2021

Dear Everyone

Our next networking meeting for the ‘Jordan’s group’ will be held on Saturday 6th February from 10-11.30 am. All Chairs of Boards, Board committees are welcome.  Please contact  if you would like to come.

The meeting will be held via MS Teams: Click here to join the meeting

Here is an outline of suggested topics; but as usual this can be added to and updated as events and members interests, and concerns define.  Just email with any comments and suggestions.

As usual, although the meeting will be informal and follow Chatham House rules and no formal notes will be issued, Paul and I will take any key issues you raise and feed them back to the LA through BASG and the School Governance Consultative Board.  We can also feed-back on your behalf to NGA.

  • Information updates
    • DFE
    • NGA
    • LA
    • EEF
  • Staying strategic– managing meetings and agendas etc- sharing what is working.
  • Wellbeingand staffing
    • how we can support senior leaders and ourselves
    • staff availability in school
    • workload
    • recruitment
  • Safeguarding– issues arising
  • E-Learning-
    • what is going well?
    • Kit and data access issues
  • Disadvantaged support
    • Pupil Numbers in school
    • SEND issues.
    • Remote/E learning – workload and engagement
    • FSM- including half term and holidays.

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you all on Saturday week.

Meanwhile keep safe and well

Anne Sheddick

Convenor Jordan’s Governors network Group