SARS-CoV-2 variant Delta in Bucks – guidance for meetings

Dear Colleagues,

Following a few recent queries I have asked Dan about the current guidance with regards to meeting up, face-to-face.  His advice is as follows:

With case numbers rising it would be sensible to keep meetings virtual unless there is a pressing reason why they have to be face-to-face.


 Daniel Flecknoe

Consultant in Public Health

Please see the current guidance below and also the email sent on the 7th June below:–2#role-of-governing-and-trust-boards


  1. How can governing or trust boards continue to function effectively during this time?

DfE understands that governing and trust boards have a key role in supporting their school or trust’s senior leaders throughout this period and that decisions will need to be pragmatic, proportionate and sensitive to local circumstances. Boards remain accountable for their schools and should stay connected to senior leaders, and the key operational decisions they are taking, to retain a strategic overview of the school or trust.

Whilst social distancing rules remain, boards should adopt alternative arrangements for holding meetings, for example, by using video or teleconferencing applications. If boards or schools require support to access digital platforms, please see DfE’s guidance on help with technology and remote education. The National Governance Association has also produced guidance for business continuity and holding virtual meetings.


  1. Should committees continue to meet during this period?

Governing and trust boards, in discussion with the clerk, should take a pragmatic approach to handling any urgent business and assess whether it is reasonable for virtual committee meetings to go ahead. Availability of governors or trustees will need to be considered to ensure that committee meetings are quorate. It may be more practical for the urgent business of any committee to be discussed at the governing or trust board meeting instead.






Hazel David

School Improvement Team

Children’s Services