Self isolation periods – URGENT

Sent on Behalf of Gareth Drawmer, Head of Service Achievement & Learning

Dear Colleagues,

I hope and trust that you are all keeping well during this final stretch of the term. You will all be aware of the government change to isolation – revising it from 14 days to 10.

Having confirmed with public health, we can say with clarity that this applies to all those currently self-isolating, with regard to schools this applies to both staff and students.

Therefore, if you currently have groups that are self-isolating it would be appropriate to  revise the timeline through which they can return to school and notify parents that their period of isolation ends sooner than originally planned.

We are aware that this will necessitate changing your plans for this week (again) and I apologise for asking you to do this, but the change in this period will mean that more children can have an end to their term in school and more vulnerable children will have contact with professionals prior to the holidays.

Thank you for your patience, forbearance and flexibility throughout this time.

Warm regards,


Gareth Drawmer

Head of Service

Achievement & Learning