Chesham, Amersham, Wendover and Great Missenden Chairs Group Meeting

The Chesham, Amersham, Wendover, Great Missenden chairs group has not met for several years so it is time we met up again. I have scheduled a meeting on MS Teams for 7pm to 9pm on 17 February. If you are a chair or vice-chair please do take this opportunity to discuss challenges and share solutions with fellow chairs.
Topics that are likely to be relevant at the moment are:
1. Staying Strategic in current times
2. Wellbeing of staff
3. Supporting the headteacher (including their wellbeing)
4. Energising the Governing Body (especially newly appointed Governors)
5. Remote Education
6. Closing the disadvantaged gap
7. Ofsted
8. Staff and pupil Covid testing
Do contact me on to let me know:
– if you expect to attend with the topic(s) that are most of interest to discuss
– have something specific to contribute or have a particular concern to raise
– have something else you want added to the list
I look forward to talking with you on 17 February.
Chesham and District Chairs Meeting: Click here to join the meeting