Remote Education


Dear Colleagues,

In these unpredictable times, circumstances and contexts are ever-changing. We hope that the adapted DfE document and support material attached will give a useful platform to review, reflect upon and adapt your remote education offer as and when you need to. In addition, the adapted document invites discussion of lessons learned through  your experiences of remote education that can inform planning for the re-opening of your school.

The package of support material and the adapted template itself are offered to you and your schools in the spirit of support, collaboration and openness. It is not intended that this should be burdensome, judgemental or threatening. A group of Headteachers and senior leaders trialled the original DfE template and have been instrumental in supporting the creation of both the package of support material here as well as the adapted template. Thank you so much to The Grange School, Great Kingshill School, The Disraeli School and Sir William Ramsay School for their time, consideration of and invaluable contributions to this initiative.

The adapted DfE document can be modified to suit the requirements of different leaders/schools at different stages of the remote journey and beyond. Please be aware that there is no statutory compulsion to use either the DfE original or our adapted version. However, we share with you our honest opinion of the inherent usefulness of this material, for your consideration.

Remote Education – Review and Reflect

Kind Regards

Gareth Drawmer

Head of Achievement and Learning