Governor Vacancy

Governor Vacancy

Join our Board of Governors as a Governor to build on our achievements and help transform lives through learning.

Do you have enthusiasm, commitment and an interest in education? Do you know someone in the community who would enjoy the role?  You don’t need any teaching experience. It is useful to bring skills from other areas of your life.

Do you have experience in education, communication, business, community initiatives, finance or are you an exciting entrepreneur who wishes to give your skills and expertise to a worthwhile cause?

You will need to attend a governors’ meeting each half term. You will also join one of the sub-committees – these cover different areas like the curriculum, finance or buildings. You will need to be able to work well in a team, as you’ll be making joint decisions on policy.

We offer effective induction, training and support.

We warmly welcome all interested people to come and talk to us.

For further information or an informal chat please contact;

Headteacher: Mrs Mobbs

Chair of Governors: Charlotte Beadle

School office: 01296 641418

Safeguarding is important to us therefore a DBS check will be carried out.

Free Governor Training Sessions Available

Dear Colleagues,

The following online training sessions for governors have spaces available:

The Secondary Governor’s Role in School Improvement

Thursday 25th March, 6.30pm

Book Here

Statutory Relationships, RSE and Health Education in the PSHE curriculum

Tuesday 30th March 6.30pm

Book Here

Internet Safety for Governors NEW

Tuesday 27th April, 6.30pm

Book Here

All training is conducted via MS Teams, please ensure the device you plan to use is compatible.

Email confirmations are sent to all that book, the messages will include instructions and the Teams link.

Presentations will be sent to all attendees.  Certificates are not issued.

More dates will be announced when possible.


Hazel David

School Improvement Team

Children’s Services

SMST Analysis 2021


Dear Colleagues,

SMST Analysis 2021

Schools may already be aware of the National Consortium of Examination Results (NCER), which includes all LAs in England.  We have worked with NCER for a number of years to enable us to share “emerging national results” in July for primary assessments and in August for GCSEs.

Through NCER we can collect 2021 assessment data from schools on a non-statutory and voluntary basis.  We offered a similar service for 2020 assessments which was welcomed by schools, so we intend to do the same for 2021.  We believe that schools may appreciate some analysis of pupil outcomes to support their own understanding of current attainment and progress within their school.

It is important to note that, in line with current DfE guidance, collection and analysis of 2021 data would be for the purpose of supporting schools in their self-evaluation, and it would not be used for accountability purposes.  We also know that the information we will be able to collect will be limited, and will therefore mean that some of our usual analysis is either not possible or not appropriate.

Please see the attached document for more information on what would be collected, what data and analysis the team would provide and the impact on annual buyback costs.

SMST Analysis Update March 2021

2021 assessments remain non-statutory, and participation in the collection and analysis will be voluntary.


Kind regards

The Schools Management Support Team

Parental Engagement Workshop 15th March

Dear Colleagues,

This workshop follows on from the conference on the 12th February and will address parental engagement and the barriers in education faced by vulnerable


Led by Marc Rowland, Adviser, Unity Schools Partnership and the Education Endowment Fund.

David Hood, Headteacher at the Cressex Community School, will provide a local view of the experiences of the school.

Monday 15th March 2021, 1.30- 4pm

The workshop will be conducted via MS Teams, please use the Eventbrite link to book your place HERE.


Hazel David

School Improvement Team

Children’s Services

Buckinghamshire Council

4th Floor, County Hall

Walton Street


HP20 1UZ

Return to full on-site teaching

Sent on behalf of Gareth Drawmer, Head of Service Achievement & Learning

Dear Colleagues,

We hope that all your staff, pupils and their families had a smooth and successful return to full on-site teaching from today.

Please remember that the School Improvement team are here to support you with any individual questions, and that the Huddles are available every Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning as an opportunity for you to raise any concerns or seek support on any specific issues in your school.

Please pass on my thanks to your whole staff teams and let them know how much their dedication and commitment to supporting pupils across the county is valued by us all here at Buckinghamshire Council.

Warm regards


Gareth Drawmer

Head of Service

BASG Executive Minutes 1st March 2021



Date & Time: 1 March 2021 at 7.00pm


Location: Virtual meeting via Zoom





Paul Randall (Chair), Anne Sheddick (Vice Chair), Maggi Bull,

Peter Learner, Bernadette Allison, Jo Pearce, Martin Baxter, Andrew Brown, Gwyneth Langley (Secretary)

Absent: Joanne Marchant



Agenda Item




1. Apologies for Absence  



Joanne Marchant had sent apologies for absence


2 Notification of Any Other Business  

It was agreed that the following would be discussed under Any Other Business:

–       Schools Forum


3 Declarations of Interest  



Gwyneth Langley – BEP

4 Approval of Minutes From the Meeting Held on 1 February 2021 and Review of Actions  
The minutes of the meeting held on 1 February 2021 were approved.


Book Donation (Minute 8) – Books donated by Emma Knights had been sent to the governors that had e-mailed in following the communication in the BASG newsletter.   There had been 25 entries for the 4 books.


BASG Bank Account (Minute 11) – JP / PR would arrange to make any outstanding payments from the BASG bank account.



BASG Website (Minute 11) -.  PR would ask Tomas Pukalski about the stacking arrangements on the BASG website.








 JP / PR





5 Local Networking Groups  




Jordans Group

The Jordans Group had met on 6 February 2021. Approximately 25 governors had attended.  There were a number of topics for discussion including:

–       Information dissemination.  There was a feeling that communication from the LA had improved, but that there could be further improvement.

–       Information sources. There was some clarification required on free services vs paid services.

–       Management of difficult situations such as allegations and grievances.

–       Governor resignations – there was an acknowledgement that governors were having to balance home and work life differently during the pandemic and this had led to some governor resignations.

–       The challenge of staying strategic in the pandemic environment.


The quality of HR and Legal advice from the LA had been an area of concern and this was discussed.  Toolkits provided for governors were not always current or fit for purpose.

PL suggested that this be raised at the Consultative Board meeting on 17 March 2021.


PR noted that a number of governors at the meeting appeared to be struggling with workload.     Well-being of governors was an issue during this time.


Chesham, Amersham, Great Missenden and Wendover Group

The group had met on 17 February 2021.  Approximately 26 governors had attended.  There had been 6 key topics of discussion:

–       Well-being

–       Staying Strategic

–       Energising the Governing Board

–       Remote Education

–       Support for the Headteacher

–       Ofsted


The small group format, using breakout groups within Zoom, was considered to have worked well.


There had been good feedback following the meeting with attendees finding it a helpful source of support. There had been enthusiasm for another meeting during the Summer Term 2021 and AB would organise this.


AB would share training and experience of breakout groups within Zoom and MS Teams.


Future Meeting Dates


Jordans Group 20 March 2021

Aylesbury Group 23 March 2021






































6 BEP  
   GL highlighted the BEP Chairs Briefing on Friday 5 March 2021.


The next edition of the BEP Newsletter would be sent to all governors via GovernorHub at the end of term.   BASG updates could be included within this.   This would be further discussed under item 8.


7 Communications with Bucks Council  
  There had been an Ofsted review of Safeguarding at the LA but the group was not aware of any feedback from this.  
8 BASG Newsletter  
  JM and BA were thanked for their excellent work on the BASG Newsletter.


Following discussion it was agreed that BASG updates and information would be included within the end of Spring Term BEP newsletter.   GL confirmed that the deadline for receipt of content was 24 March 2021.   This would be sent out via GovernorHub.  GL would liaise with JM and PR on this.




GL / JM / PR

9 Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Reference Group  
  MB gave an update on the Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Reference Group. MB is a governor representative on the group, alongside Katy Simmons, Chair of Cressex Community School.


MB expressed concern that Headteachers had stopped attending the group meetings and that the governor representatives felt marginalized.


The criteria for choosing schools to support was currently unclear as were the KPIs of the group.


There had been a suggestion that the name of the group be changed to be more positive.


MB explained that 1 or 2 evening meetings were planned for governors to update on the work of the group.  These were likely to be held in late June or early July. The format was currently unclear.     PR / MB had suggested including the NGA in this work.


MB expressed concern that elected Members were not directly involved in the process.  It was unclear why there was a lack of enthusiasm for their involvement given their role in decision making and funding.


10 Governance Consultative Board
  The next meeting of the Consultative Board would be on 17 March 2021.


PL proposed that the following items be included on the agenda for discussion and would be raised by BASG members as follows:


–       Schools Forum (JP)

–       HR and Legal Support for Governing Boards (AS)

–       Schools as Polling Stations (MB)

–       Ofsted Review (AB)

–       Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Reference Group (JP)


PL would make Simon James aware of these topics in advance of the meeting.


JP confirmed that she had put herself forwards for election to Schools Forum. The outcome of this process would be known by 9 March 2021.  The next meeting of Schools Forum would be 23 March 2021.  The previous meeting had been on 19 January 2021 and it was anticipated that a report from this meeting would be available to the Consultative Board on 17 March 2021.


AS would prepare a paper on HR and Legal Support for the Consultative Board meeting and would send a draft to PL.


It was noted that national funding had been made available to avoid using schools as polling stations for the May 2021 elections.  It was agreed it would be useful to seek clarity on the Bucks position at the Consultative Board meeting.


PR would also raise plans for school improvement at the meeting.



























11 AOB  


Schools Forum

JP would seek clarify on the process for electing members to Schools Forum


Chair of Governors Required – Junior School in the Amersham Area


JP highlighted that a Junior School in the Amersham area required an experience Chair of Governors and asked for any suggestions.


BASG Communication

AS was thanked for circulating information on vaccination and potential vaccination policies  and for signposting Stone King legal guidance.  The importance of governors asking questions about these areas was discussed.   It was acknowledged that these were difficult issues and there were no definitive answers.


Co-operative Schools Conference

MB highlighted that he had attend a Co-operative Schools Conference discussing ‘What will schools look like Post-Covid?’ and this had been very interesting.













12 Dates / Times of Future Meetings  




Dates and times for future meetings were agreed as follows:


Monday 19 April  2021 5pm


The meeting closed at 8.30pm

Safeguarding In Education Conference 25th March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

The next Side by Side conference on Thursday 25th March will focus on Safeguarding in Education.  The agenda is attached and you may book your place HERE

Safeguarding 1 March 2021 Agenda 

Any problems contact


Hazel David

School Improvement Team

Children’s Services

Buckinghamshire Council

4th Floor, County Hall

Walton Street


HP20 1UZ


For COVID-19 updates visit:

Preparing for all the return of all pupils


Dear Headteachers and Chairs of Governors,

We have become aware of a small number of schools who have stated that they will be closed for all or part of this Friday, 5th of March, for deep cleaning and to support the preparation of the return to onsite teaching for all pupils from Monday 8th of March.

As a Local Authority, Buckinghamshire Council expects that all schools will be operating a full daily timetable for all pupils, via remote education for the majority of pupils and in-school provision for vulnerable pupils and children of Key Workers, for the whole of this week.

The Public Health team are not aware of any public health reasons that would require a day closure.  We attach again for reference the link to the government guidance issued on 22nd February Schools coronavirus (COVID-19) operational guidance which outlines the system of controls that school should operate to prevent infection, and also states that schools should continue to operate as normally as possible.

We wish all pupils and staff well with the return to full onsite teaching from the 8th March.  Please do get in contact to either the School Improvement Team ( or Public Health team ( if we can support you with any aspect of your school’s return.

Kind regards,

Gareth Drawmer                                                     Dan Flecknoe

Head of Achievement and Learning                  Consultant in Public Health

DfE Governance Update – March 2021 edition

Welcome to the March edition of the DfE’s school governance update, where you will find key announcements and information to support you in your governance role.

For this edition we have created one version to cover both maintained schools and academy trusts– the articles are listed below for information.

1) Message from Baroness Berridge
2) COVID guidance pages for schools and colleges
3) NGA Outstanding Governance Awards
4) Updated school land guidance and forms
5) (Maintained schools only) update on School Financial Value Standard
6) Wellbeing for Education Return – webinar and supporting resources
7) NGA survey for clerks and governance professionals on careers and development

Here is the link to the page:

If you would like to provide us with any further feedback on the content or format of this update please email:

Thank you,

School Governance Unit,

Department for Education